Macktown Rd Dillsoboro NC 28779 Available

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Wholesale Vacant Land in Sylva North Carolina 

Purchased many years ago sight unseen. Never step foot on property. Had it seller financed at one time. Supposedly an old log road leads to property. Was told it was a nice property. Biggest challenge is finding out how to get to it. It could be potentially landlocked. This is why I reduced the price. I never did a survey. Just selling it in as is condition.

 How to get to property

1.50 Acres  

No Seller Financing available 






Land/Location Information
Property Class
Property Type
Residential-Vacant Land
County Land Use Code
Lot Size
1.50 acres
Lot Area
87,120 SqFt.
School District
Jackson County Schools
Legal Description
Tax Assessment Information
Total Assessed Value
Assessed Land Value
Assessment Year
Tax Year
Property Tax
  • Sec. 38-37. – R-1 Residential District.

    The R-1 Residential District is a low-density residential district for single-family dwellings with customary accessory outbuildings and other related uses that contribute to the District’s residential character.


    Permitted uses. Within the R-1 Residential District, no structure or land shall be used, and no structure shall be hereafter erected, relocated, reconstructed or structurally altered, unless otherwise provided in this chapter, except for one or more of the following purposes:


    Single-family dwellings, including the following:


    Standard on-site, frame constructed homes and modular homes (but expressly excluding manufactured homes).


    Any customary accessory outbuildings appurtenant to single-family dwellings, including private garages and non-commercial buildings such as greenhouses and workshops. A camping trailer, motor home or similar recreational vehicle or equipment may be parked on residential property, provided that it is not occupied, not connected to a source of water or sewer and is parked within applicable setback lines.


    Non-commercial horticultural activities.


    Customary home occupations level 1 (see definition).


    Public parks, greenways and playgrounds.


    Yard sales. Each residence may conduct not more than two, one-day on-premises yard sales within any calendar year.


    Uses permitted upon issuance of a Conditional Use Permit. The rental of one accessory use, residential apartment may be permitted in the R-1 Residential District after review, approval and the issuance of a Conditional Use Permit in accordance with Article VI.


    Minimum residential lot size and width.


    Minimum lot size: 17,500 square feet per family (approximately 4/10 of acre).


    Minimum lot width at building line: 70 feet for lots created after the effective date of this Ordinance; 50 feet for residential lots created prior to the adoption of this Ordinance.




    No building within the R-1 Residential District shall be erected within ten feet of the property line of an adjoining ownership nor within thirty feet of the right-of-way line of any public or private road. If no right-of-way line is defined among the public records of Jackson County, no building shall be erected within forty-five feet of the road centerline.


    For the purpose of this Section, the setback distance shall be measured horizontally from the right-of-way line, road centerline or adjoining property line to the nearest projection of the building, including any eave, dormer, deck or other part attached thereto and any portion of the building located below grade. However, doors, windows, canopies and awnings shall be permitted to encroach on the setback area.


    Structure height. No structure located within the R-1 Residential District shall have more than three habitable stories, exclusive of basement, nor shall the height of the structure exceed 35 feet. For the purpose of this provision, the height of the structure shall be the vertical distance from the established grade elevation at the center of the front of the structure to the highest point of the roof or parapet of the structure.


    Sign regulations. The sign regulations set forth in Article IV shall apply to the R-1 Residential District.


    Off-street parking.


    The minimum requirements for off-street parking are set forth in Article III of this chapter. These requirements shall apply to all new buildings and uses and to additions to existing buildings and uses in the R-1 Residential District.


    Any motorized vehicle or the parts thereof that do not display a current State-issued license plate, lawfully displayed upon said vehicle, shall be screened from view along any public street or walkway, unless a special permit is issued by the Town and the vehicles are used in the regular course of business by the applicant.

    (Ord. of 5-1-1998, § 201)

Property Taxes $97 a year

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Macktown Rd
Sylva, NC 28779
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